CGN welcomes the opportunity to provide more information about our group in hopes that you would find it beneficial to join.  Our group has been very active since its inception and we have high goals of continuing our growth in order to benefit the digging industry in Nebraska. 

Getting involved in CGN can be beneficial individually and professionally.  Active members are needed to achieve our goals as an organization.  The majority of our activities and projects are funded by a State Damage Prevention Grant that we have been fortunate to be awarded on a yearly basis.  Our biggest event is the Excavation Safety Summit.  Other activities that we are working on are:

·        Educational brochure distribution

·        White flag education and giveaway

·        Excavator Meetings

·        Public Education:  Billboard and Radio Advertising

If you are interested in joining our group, click on the online Membership form below and complete it as instructed.  While you are on the website, look around and see what we’re all about. 

We are busy in our efforts towards spreading the damage prevention message and we are actively seeking to grow our membership.  

Become a member today!


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